What are Eternal Cards?

Sawaab Jaariyah is a beautiful blessing which we have been given as Muslims.  When Muslims donate Sadaqah Jaariyah, we are contributing towards a cause which has ongoing benefits, and therefore, we gain ongoing sawaab.  Examples of such causes are planting trees which provide fruit and shade, digging wells which provide water for communities or building masaajid where people can pray.
The Eternal Cards concept is that instead of buying yet another trinket as an Eid gift, you donate Sadaqah-Jaariyah cause in the name of the person whom you are giving a gift to. You then give that person a card, explaining what amazing cause they will gain Sawaab-e-Jaariyah for.
A gift for humanity, and a gift of eternal sawaab for your loved one – what better gift could there be?
Wishing you and your family Eid Mubarak, and Eternal Reward!